About Your Piano Teacher

My name is Eimear Clarke. My background in music stems from an early age, learning piano from the age of 4, I completed Grade VIII in piano performance with Distinction by the time I was 15 and studied music in the Royal Irish Academy through my teens. I have both silver medal and gold medal in piano receital performance and achieved an A1 in Leaving Certificate Music. During this time I completed¬†Grade VIII in advanced music theory and went on to study music at Queen’s University, Belfast, graduating with an Honours degree in 2009. My love of the piano and keyboard extended into church organ, which I began studying at the age of 11. I studied this also at the Royal Irish Academy under David Lee and completed Grade VI in organ performance. I have played with local churches and have played at church weddings and civil ceremonies for many years. I began teaching piano at the age of 16 and worked with Blackrock School of Music as well as teaching privately. I have now been teaching for almost 15 years with excellent results. My love of teaching goes back to working as a speech and drama coordinator as a student as well as having my teaching qualification from Queen’s University in 2010. My method of teaching piano appears to be producing fantastic results as well as fostering a love of music in my students. I focus on a good working relationship with every student and working to suit their needs and abilities. I believe music should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn and I aim to give students as much joy with playing piano that I have.

About Perfect Pitch Piano

Perfect Pitch Piano is all about learning piano in a fun and accessible way and fostering a love of music. My background in music teaching over the past 15 years inspired me to set up this school and reach more people. Piano is an instrument I love and I love to teach it, building great relationships with students and achieving excellent results across the board. The reason for my success I believe is in my approach – guiding students but always allowing them input in what direction they want to take. I give students the tools to access piano and make it easier to learn. After teaching for almost 15 years I want to share my approach on this page and give students the possibility to learn a much loved skill for life – music!
Piano is an instrument that is very accessible to beginners and also can hold beautiful depth the further you go in your progress. Learning piano involves learning awareness of music rhythm, playing technique and sight-reading among other musical skills. The way we learn can be mapped out and over the years I have built up a successful approach in teaching piano incorporating all of the above. This way, I believe, enhances the students’ overall understanding of music form whilst at the same time learning piano. This is the key to success – understanding of the core concepts of music allowing better accessibility to music and easier steps to mastering the piano. My approach is always to help understanding and encourage students. Everyone works at their own pace – I take this into account and structure lessons while at the same time have an atmosphere of learning and fun, which is what music is all about.

Excellent Results Record

I have to mention the wonderful results ALL of my students have achieved in the Royal Irish Academy exams over the years. It is a credit to every student and reflects all of our hard work and dedication to learning. The results have been outstanding with every student being awarded either Honours or Distinction, the highest class of results! It is a great boost to confidence and a reward for all the practice and hard work put in. The wonderful certificates do make it all worthwhile and really mark the students’ achievements in piano!

Learning piano is fun and rewarding

Piano is an instrument that can be learned step by step at your own pace, with good structure and understanding from the tutor and patience from the student! This beautiful instrument truly is a gift to those who learn to play it and is very accessible with the right guidance. Playing is a skill that develops with time and practice and good understanding. After that it’s onwards and upwards – the sky really is the limit!