Music for Life

Playing piano is for life and something you will always have. The knowledge of the piano greats like Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven can be a gift you cherish and keep going back to. The skills of playing by ear are rewarding – recognising chords and melodies and being able to sit down and play a song you like and figure it out yourself – these are skills you will always have. Practice can make perfect and you can build to whatever level you want to achieve. Sight-reading, being able to read music by sight, means there is so much music open to you to sit down and teach yourself. Playing piano means you can accompany singers, get involved with groups or bands or play at special occasions. The piano is a very user friendly instrument and can be picked up at any age – most often people only need a little patience with themselves in the beginning and some time set aside for practice. The rest looks after itself, as experience grows the motor memory skills in the brain help the fingers remember more and more as they play. In time, piano can be easily learned and mastered and is worth a little effort!

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