Learning Piano

In my experience, there is no ideal age for learning to play piano. Children as young as 4 or 5 can pick music up very quickly, while I have had adult learners in their 60’s also! Learning piano, across the board, is about building skills. The way I teach beginners is always comprised of learning the notes, keys, rhythms and basic techniques from the start. Some students want to play piano without examinations. This can give more scope for us to develop their playing by ear techniques and learning chords in more detail. Playing without music is a skill of motor memory and takes practice but is easily picked up. This happens over time as the student develops aural skills and understanding of music keys and chords. Playing for examination also gives plenty of scope as the pieces set are usually varied in style and technique which develops skills. Whatever way the student opts to learn, the foundation skills are universal – understanding technique, notes, sight-reading and theory to build confidence and better piano skills!

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