How often do I need to practice piano?

This is a question I am fequently asked by students and parents.  The question of how often do I need to practice piano. for how long and how many times a week come up all the time.  A good way to make progress fast is to measure your practice on the length of your lesson and do this amount of time each day, every day!  The importance of daily practice cannot be stressed enough.  It is of no benefit to squeeze in practice last minute or the day before a lesson as the brain does not have time to process everything properly.  We are working with reflexes and motor memory so by practicing each day and then sleeping at night, we give ourselves a chance to absorb everything and really remember it!  Building your piano practice into your daily routine is something that will bring real results no matter what your level or ability.  So if your lesson is 30 minutes long, then practice 30 minutes every day until your next lesson to get the best progress and allow yourself to really learn.  An advanced student may have a longer lesson – between 45 minutes and an hour, and the same recommendation applies here too.  Practice piano for the equivalent amount of time, in this case 45 minutes to an hour and do this every day for the best results.  Being smart with your practice time is another topic I will cover in my next post.  Remember, daily practice is always the best way to go and it will really benefit you so much more when you go to your lessons!


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