Your repertoire is your own ‘playlist’ of piano music that expands with time and practice! In other words, a player’s

When learning a new piece of piano music, I always advise my students to break it into sections. With younger

Learning a musical instrument like the piano, has many benefits and develops many skills. Reading music involves concentrating on two

Teaching piano involves learning technique, no matter if the pupil is young or old, a beginner or at an advanced

Like music technique, music theory is built into my lessons. It is vital to allow the pupil to understand how

My music examinations are in conjunction with the Royal Irish Academy. I invite every pupil to take part if they

Learning piano develops the students’ aural skills, that is listening skills. Students learn how to distinguish between different rhythms and

In my experience, there is no ideal age for learning to play piano. Children as young as 4 or 5

Playing piano is for life and something you will always have. The knowledge of the piano greats like Mozart, Chopin